Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Futsal Nationals

By Logan 

On Thursday 18th July, I journeyed down to the ASB Stadium in Wellington to play in the Nation U14' Futsal Competition (for those of you who may not be too sure about what Futsal is, keep reading). 

Our first game was against Capital Yellow who had a considerable size advantage, like most teams we played, and they won 6-2. Our next game we played Mainland Nelson and we lost 7-1. We then returned in the evening to watch the Futsal Whiles play the Futsal Roos, unfortunately NZ lost. 

The next day was our chance to win a game and we played Central and just lost 5-3. We then played Northland who won, very roughly, 5-0. The final game before playoff the next day was against Capital Blue, it was another close game, but they won 4-2. 

For the playoffs we ended up in the lowest position due to our not finishing our shots, so we played he second central team, and with a goal in the last second we drew 2-2. Out final game for the tournament was against Capital Blue; we both wanted to win, and with a final score of 4-2 we left the court victorious. I had a great time with the team, even jumping in the freezing cold pool at night, and I hope to go back next year.

Here is a Youtube clip explaining Futsal:

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