Thursday, 6 June 2013

School in Fiji

By Ella

Last week I went to Fiji for eight days and stayed at Denarau Island.
During my stay I went on a village tour where I visited the local school.
As I walked towards the class rooms I passed their netball court which was just mud and grass.
The rusted goal posts stood on an angle at each end of the ‘field’.
The buildings were all painted blue and the paint was
peeling off the old concrete walls.
Their classrooms had a chalk board, old desks and different sized chairs.
The library was the size of a bedroom and it had one
shelf that did not have many books on it.
There was also a kindergarten next to the school and their playground was tiny,
all it had was one slide and some tyres sticking out of the ground.
The kindergarten children sang and danced for us, as we were special visitors.
All the children were smiley and friendly and liked having their photo taken.
We also shared a big lunch, which was cooked in the ground, with the tour guides and teachers.
I noticed the children don’t have as many things as our school,
so I think we should appreciate what we have here at Berkley.

Ella, thank you so much for sharing your experience.  It is good to be reminded to be grateful for what we have here it Berkley.  We are very fortunate.  
Mrs H


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