Saturday, 25 May 2013

Starting at Berkley

Coming to a middle school like Berkley can be a huge change for some of our students.  Here, Aldo has written about the change from his experience:

Hi, my name is Aldo.

I am 11 years old and go to Berkley Normal Middle School in Hamilton, New Zealand.  Berkley is a good quality school that provides a good education.

Years 7, 8 and 9 go to Berkley (if you've been at Berkley in Years 7 & 8, you can choose if you want to stay for Year 9).

I am a Year 7.  My old school only had 73 students so coming to Berkley (720 students) was a BIG change.  But I soon learned my way around the school (not mentioning the times I got lost).

At my old school, if we played a game at lunch it was a treat! But at Berkley, you have games every day.

I like it how 3 classrooms have sets of 10 iPads available to them, including mine.  At the moment, we are finding out and researching what types of energy there are (there are more then 10 different types of energy).

I think Berkley students are the best educated in New Zealand.

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