Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Horizons

In term 1, over the course of three days, the whole school is involved in an EOTC programme (Education outside the classroom).  Every teacher puts together a 3-day package.  And the children put forward 4 choices, and are allocated one.  For example, I organised a 3-day windsurfing experience at Elements Watersports in Tauranga.  Other options range from caving, to tall ship sailing to a football academy.  Italian cooking to surfing.  Film making to the Outdoor Pursuits Centre on Great Barrier Island.

Below is Eva's poem about her experience at Mosaic Making:

Piecing it Together

Looking above my head,
bright colourful art
hangs roughly
on pegs,
covering the ceiling with
I look around me,
coloured tiles and mirror
scattered across
the messy tables.
White PVA glue is
spilt, drying fast.
chatter excitedly
among themselves.
I hear music
ringing in my ear drums
playing through
the laptop at the front.
My artwork sits
silently in front of me
waiting to be finished.
The smell of cooking
from next door
wafts into the air
and up my nose.
I feel a sharp pain
in my finger.
Glass digs itself
further and further.
The sweet bitter taste
of glue sticks
to the roof of my mouth.
Sunlight catches the mosaics
making them sparkle,
lighting up the room.
I look across the floor
surrounding me and others.
Paint, tiles, mirror
and plaster scene
make the floor
a whole lot more
and a whole lot
easier to step in.
I wonder if these
mosaics will be
very special 
in the future.
I wonder.

By Eva

Cindy at work (right)

Lasharn at work (right)



Lasharn's creation

The result of Priya's hard work

What an amazing mirror Eva

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