Thursday, 23 May 2013

Big Night In

Caitlin (left) and Eva (middle)

In term two every year, we celebrate 'The Big Night In'.  On this occasion, we get a chance to celebrate the abundance of cultural talents our students possess.

The work begins in Term one when students can sign up for the school's Kapa Haka (Maori performance) group and the orchestra.  Also in Term one, we hold auditions for singers, lead and bass guitarists, keyboard players and drummers.  The successful trialists are put into rock bands (each with at least four musicians and three singers).  Groups are allocated to a teacher, who meet with the students a lunchtimes to oversee their song choice and practices.  Because we had so many talented singers this year, dedicated singing groups who sing to backing tracks were also put together.

On 'Big Night In', friends, family and guests were privileged to see these groups perform.  There were two competitions; one was for the best rock band, as well as the best individual at each instrument, and there was also an award for the best singing group.

The evening began with the Kapa Haka group before the singing groups and rock bands alternated performances (cunningly giving the judges time to gather their thoughts before having to judge again). While the judges were deliberating, the orchestra finished the evening with two pieces. 

Then the judges announced the runner ups and winners of the evening.

Congratulations to the following Rm 19 students who performed:

Kapa Haka: Maitland, Joseph and Josiah
Rock Bands: Georgia (drummer), whose band was awarded 2nd place :)
Singing Groups: Caitlin and Eva - who were both in the winning trio (yahoo!)
Orchestra: Caitlin and Cindy

It was a fantastic evening and I was so proud of the Berkley students, especially those from Room 19.  Well done to all.

Georgia on the drums

Caitlin and Eva receive their 1st place certificates and chocolate for the singing competition.

Vito (Georgia's band) claim second prize.

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