Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Berkley Plays Netball

Here is Mikayla's thoughts on the start of the netball season for her team.

This year netball has got off to a great start.  I am a year eight so I want to make the most of this year's netball season before moving on to high school to play in harder teams. My team's first game was really good; we beat Southwell 26 to 5.  It was a good game and we were very pleased.  But our second game was not so good, we lost to Maeroa 12 to 6.  Then we lost to the Maeroa B team 46 - nil but we didn't stop trying and we ended up playing a good game anyway.  Here are a few tips for netball. 

Tip 1: Spread out; if you all go to the same spot on the court it is harder to move around. 
Tip 2: Learn to be quick; it is an advantage if you are quick.  It means you can surprise your partner and get away to catch the ball. 
Tip 3: Be a good sport; you need to be a good sport.  If you lose don't be a bad sport, say "good game," and think about what you could do next time to play a better game.

From Mikayla

I love your attitude Mikayla.  You show that you really want to win, but you also show a great attitude towards losing, knowing that there's always next week to get back on top.  Great tips too (they are appropriate to many sports).

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