Thursday, 30 May 2013

Activated Nouns: Student Writing

By Georgia

Children climb stick towers on the beach,
Birds play hide and seek in the trees.
Crabs, shells and weed
Bury themselves in the sand.
Wind chills to the bone,
Everyone retreats
And finds a jumper.
The water licks at the shore
Boats bob out at sea,
Pulling in fish by the lot.
The excited squeals of children in tents
Drift off,
And the sky goes orange,
Row boats clatter,
As the tide goes out.
People pull out their cameras,
And capture the beautiful sunset.

I look on thinking of the future,
The exciting future,
I feel wonderful.
Will I come here again?
Will I do the same things?
This beautiful place ignites my dreams,
Dappling thoughts with sparkling seas.

PS: BBQ Bay was what the instructors at OPC called this beautiful bay on Great Barrier Island.


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